Kaleidoscope Lab is a mentorship-driven startup programme for empowering the younger adults to innovate, and fostering the use of technology in the hospitality industry. 
The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited (HSH) is the holding company of a Group which is engaged in the ownership, development and management of prestigious hotel, commercial and residential proper ties in key locations in Asia, the United States and Europe, as well as the provision of tourism and leisure, club management and other services. As they are the world's oldest hotel company and a pioneer of timeless hospitality, they choose to move forward and start keeping in touch with technological innovations, in order to enhance guest experiences by immersing with advanced technology. Therefore, they started the startup programme Kaleidoscope Lab recently in order to obtain more innovations and creative ideas from the startups. With the company's request, I am responsible for branding, logo design and communication designs, in order to bring the project to a greater success.
Skills:  Graphic Design (Communication) | Logo Design | Branding
Tools:  Adobe Illustrator | Adobe InDesign
This project design won the IRON A' DESIGN AWARD under the Graphic and Visual Communication Design Category in A' Design Award & Competition 2018-2019
Kaleidoscope Lab is a mentorship-driven startup programme powered by HSH. This traditional company has been wandering to enhance their guest experience and engagement with the use of technology and digital transformation. To keep itself being creative and innovative, it starts this programme to connect with the young start-ups, bringing them fruitful and diversified ideas. Thus, the name is chosen to appreciate the novel ideas from start-ups, as colorful as a kaleidoscope.​​​​​​​ They would like me to help contributing in its design work, especially a catchy logo, in order to grab stronger attention from the startups with appealing and luxurious visuals.
First of all, the project is focused to create a visual identity for documents and other brand materials. To start the design, I used Adobe Illustrator to realize the visuals. In order to incorporate with the current branding of HSH but not being old-fashioned, I decided to create a logo which is luxury, elegant and brings the concept of Heritage Meets Innovation. To keep it contemporary, I started designing with primitive shapes, such as triangles, in order to explore different possibilities and combination of shapes and forms. As requested by the company, they would like the programme's initials inherited in the logo design, therefore, I created the trademark with the combination of its initials K and L, making the brand more unique and contemporary with the use of primitive triangles. Moreover, I intentionally overlapped the shapes to create kaleidoscope-like image in the logo, which matches the concept and the name of the startup programme. Furthermore, in order to keep the heritage part in the brand, I added a fleur-de-lis to the logo in order to enhance its luxurious and the feeling of heritage. Last but not least, to further enhance the elegance of the brand, I chose to use the colour palette of gold and silver from its luxurious hotels The Peninsula Hotels. Therefore, this visual identity becomes the contemporary yet traditional signature of the world's oldest hotel company.
Brochure Design I
Brochure Design I
Brochure Design II & III
Brochure Design II & III
As I have mentioned above, the company is using the logo mainly for documents and other publishing materials. Therefore, I designed several brochure covers and layout for the brand with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. The contemporary, innovative brandmark appears in a classic well-known company surprisingly in Hong Kong, making an interesting entrance with the contrast created. To take the advantage of that, I mainly used overlapping shapes as endless rays of reflection in a kaleidoscope. The overlapping rays can significantly represent the brand while creating a visual appealing pattern. I also used the elegance of the gold and silver as an advantage to give a presence of The Peninsula Hotels, in order to arouse audiences’ interests on its technological transformation. Last but not least, for the layout, I intentionally did not design it very creatively but a little bit more formally as the luxury brand of the company should be stately but not too creative and playful.
Overall, the company provides me a really precious opportunity in branding their innovative programme. From logo design to communication design, I truly understand the importance and urgency for traditional companies to keep in touch with the advanced technology, especially the hotel industry. They are always looking for the most advanced technology to provide the best hotel experience for the guests, which is same for design. This luxury traditional hotel wants to leave their old-fashion aside and starts connecting with the modern world, therefore a mixture of tradition and innovation is required. Throughout the project, I attempted different new methods and approaches to design and investigate in innovative heritage. All these experiences help me to consider more about the core value of a company and learn to design to push the traditions further to our modern world.
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